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This website contains an overview about my work in the film business throughout Germany and is almost focusing on facts concerning my work with motion controlled cameras.

Robotic is not new, yet a sustainable and continually developing field of technology within the film industry. Presently we see a lot of game changing moves affected by future technologies. These changes happen rapidly and do have direct impact on how we use visual content in web or entertainment. Already we are seeing VR, Gaming and Film merging more and more, and this transformation is perhaps one of the most significant to occur in motion storytelling over the previous hundred years.

Motion control robotic in film is well known for some of the old-school looking tricks like multiplying a person or a crowd, changing foreground/ background and another element or something else. Today some of those are going to get achieved easily via software and with the help of crazily changing camera technology.  There are extensive steps into virtual shooting to admire. So this could mean nobody will want or need to move a camera by robots anymore on a film set in the near future?

Actually it’s quite the opposite. I´m sure there are a whole lot of usages for cameras on robots in a creative and cost effective way – now more so than ever. However more time needs to be invested researching and building on our present knowledge, harnessing and leveraging these techniques effectively and making them future proof. Here on this website I will try to share some insight into what motion control is actually doing, and point to the tendencies I see where this technology can be applied and greatly benefit production. Ultimately, true professionals realize that really stunning, unbelievable VFX shots – the moments that captivate audiences in wonder – are achieved almost in a combination of real shot and C.G. imagery.

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I´m experienced in Film Business for over 20 years. My 1st contact to Motion Control was 2005. Since then I´m operating different Rigs made by Mark Roberts Motion Control London. In front of a background as an Artist, I´m always focusing to understand the clients wants and needs intelligently. The main efford is being creative to make their way to use Motion Control as easy and affordable as possible, so that they go with a happy experience once the job is done.

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What I can do for you

As a freelance Motion Control Operator I´m offering the full range of support for shooting with Motion Control due to knowledge, including consulting, supervising, 3D- preparing, solving and of course operating machines on set. I can also arrange to connect you to different Rental Services all over the world.

I´m specialized in machines of Mark Roberts Motion Control London, as the Technical- Oscar- awarded Milo (including Long Arm), furthermore Talos and Modula Rig and the use of MoCo- software “Flair”.

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  • “The Change begins within me”, DM Austria 2019
    Milo goes into a car, close to the faces and we gain emotional insights. Although this project is a bit older, its relevance remains significant, demonstrating the immense value of integrating motion control camera work with a dedicated 3D workflow. It exemplifies how leveraging robotic technology can substantially enhance the creation of impactful moments in […]
  • Ferrero Kinder Country
    Another full remote project from Previz to finished move on set, delivered to Capetown, South Africa. The objective was to pre-visualize a pivotal shot for an advertising clip and tailor it to two distinct filming locations—an escalator in a subway station and an outdoor landscape. Additionally, the pre-visualization needed to align with the capabilities and […]
  • PA SPORTS- 150 Bars Infinity
    An 8 minute music video in which the Previz seamlessly did the programming for the Bolt on set. This project posed a distinctive challenge—an engaging 8-minute music video showcasing the artist in multiple outfits, multiplied with himself and interacting with real and CGI elements. The previsualization (Previz) took on a pivotal role, serving as both […]
  • The new eActros600
    A complex challenge including Previz, Management of different sets and Rigs and Maya- based animation of industrial robots as “actors”. Edit Column   Edit Text Editor This proved to be an exceptionally versatile and intricate previsualization project, incorporating multiple motion control rigs such as Milo and BoltX, a scaled truck model set, and the integration […]
  • Pfister 140 years- from Production Previz to Shoot
    I had the chance to guide the project from the creation of the production previz to the actual shoot. This role encompassed overseeing the entire service, from Production Previz to set planning and shooting schedule coordination based on technical specifications. The client’s constraints were explicitly outlined: 2 shooting days and one prep day to execute […]
  • Motion Control 3D Previsualisation
    Dynamic nature of film production mirrors the unpredictable challenges of an expedition into unknown territories. Acknowledging the inevitability of unforeseen circumstances, filmmakers embark on a creative expedition armed with meticulous plans as their compass.In the cinematic expedition, where unexplored ideas and creative landscapes unfold, strategic planning becomes the key to navigate. Plans act as the […]
  • New Operator´s Reel 2020-23
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj8wFtgXkFQ New Operators Reel 2020-23 out! A lot of interesting things have happened in the last few years, so it was time to create a new Operators Reel. You can see a lot of shots with all kinds of Bolt Robots, but also Milo/ Milo Medium/ Milo Long Arm and Talos shots. I would like […]
  • The New CLS
    Case Study by Mark Roberts Motion Control …about the creative and technical aspects of shooting the new Mercedes Benz CLS with a full rigged Motion- Control- Studio Environment in Berlin located Hangar Studios. Read the case study. “The new CLS” was conceived by the customer and the creative team as an emotional, indulgent journey across […]
  • Try 3 different dogs to resist panic made by a Milo…
    Samsung Premium UHDTV Commercial shoot in Vilnius / Lithuania Spring 2018 The idea: A floor in a skyscraper in some big city. Two apartments next to each other, the same size but different furnishings. In both apartments, the residents are watching TV, of course, on different TVs … The camera moves centrally to the window […]
  • BWT Perla TV Sport
    httpss://youtu.be/P93zO2dD2b8 Shooting of a Commercial for BWT in Vienna with Milo Long Arm Spring 2018 The idea: Dead straight, fast camera moves in front of a sliced house from one room to another, vertically and horizontally (dollhouse effect). The stage was only one room of course, the art work was made in CG completely. Of […]

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Creative Work

Doing some freestyle with Motion Control inbetween paid jobs lacks almost from a budget on money as well as time. But I´m working on to make that gap a little smaller step by step. Doing so it´s a lot to learn and to move on with technology anyway, which helps to rise the overall skill level in that area consistently. At least there is a lot of fun to have with Motion Control that way…