Pfister 140 years- from Production Previz to Shoot

I had the chance to guide the project from the creation of the production previz to the actual shoot.

This role encompassed overseeing the entire service, from Production Previz to set planning and shooting schedule coordination based on technical specifications. The client’s constraints were explicitly outlined: 2 shooting days and one prep day to execute a total of 4 intricate motion control shots with lots of layers and partially stunt rigging involved.
A primary and essential requirement was the development of the Production Previz through multiple sessions with the director and Director of Photography (DoP). This step was crucial for informed decision-making with the creative team and the agency, as well as for securing approval from the client. Throughout the process, ideas were visualized and discussed in various iterations. The seamless connection between the virtual camera and the virtual robot (BoltX) ensured that all considerations remained technically feasible at every time.
Having all the shots pre-rendered in 3D as a blueprint proved to be a significant advantage on set. This streamlined the process from rigging up to the finalization of each shot, effectively reducing the overall time required. The pre-existing 3D renderings eliminated the possibility of frustrating errors or lengthy discussions, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow.
Precise planning was imperative for set construction, involving the meticulous design of four substantial sets. These sets had to be positioned with precision to ensure the correct perspective for each individual shot and the final packshot.
Furthermore, the sets were strategically mapped along a 32-meter track, a feat accomplished through well-coordinated conversion efforts. The inclusion of space between sets and adequate backspace was carefully planned to fit the needs of the Motion Control rig as well as to facilitate optimal lighting conditions at the same time, ensuring a seamless and technically proficient execution of the production.

Director Lonan Garcia
DoP Rafael Reparaz
prod. by Markenfilm SUISSE
Executive Producer Uli Scheper
Producer Beate Ehlert
Motion Control mastermoves Berlin
MoCo Supervis/ Op Heiko Matting
MoCo Op Pascal Rossow
Prod Design Bader El Hindi