Ferrero Kinder Country

Another full remote project from Previz to finished move on set, delivered to Capetown, South Africa.

The objective was to pre-visualize a pivotal shot for an advertising clip and tailor it to two distinct filming locations—an escalator in a subway station and an outdoor landscape. Additionally, the pre-visualization needed to align with the capabilities and range of the on-site motion control system. Ensuring precise timing and framing in the pre-visualization was of utmost importance for effective communication among the creatives, film production team, and the client. Given that the surprise element in this shot carried the entire clip, meticulous planning was essential.

Ultimately, a completed job file, fully prepared for use with the robot, was delivered. The filming unfolded in Cape Town, South Africa.

Produced by Sehsucht
Motion Control Rental on location: Reflex Motion Control, South Africa.
BoltX- Operator: Peter Constan- Tatos