The new eActros600

A complex challenge including Previz, Management of different sets and Rigs and Maya- based animation of industrial robots as “actors”.
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This proved to be an exceptionally versatile and intricate previsualization project, incorporating multiple motion control rigs such as Milo and BoltX, a scaled truck model set, and the integration of two standard Kuka industrial robots within an interactive set. The unique challenge arose from the initially abstract aesthetics of the concept, which was requiring effective communication of vast amounts of information to the viewer.

The primary objective was to showcase an industrial hall set in Berlin and devise captivating tracking shots featuring both the set and the interacting robots, but as well a specific technical aesthetic. These shots were collaboratively agreed upon with the client and subsequently utilized as a template for on-set programming.

Animating the Kuka robots in Maya using the “mimic4maya” plug-in allowed for the direct generation of motion data within Maya, which was then seamlessly transferred to the Kuka operator. Additionally, a 1:10 scale model of the truck (nonexistent in reality at that time) was filmed as a 3D print and rendered with final textures in post-production. The previsualization served as a crucial tool for communication before shooting and as a blueprint for on-set programming, contributing to the successful execution of this complex project.

prod. by Studio 11:40, 2023
Brand: Mercedes Benz Trucks
Producer: Sophie Maus
Agency: Scholz and Friends
Director: Felix Aaron
DoP: Julian Jonas Schmidt
Motion Control Op BoltX/ Supervisor: Heiko Matting
Motion Control Op Milo: Pascal Rossow
Motion Control Rental: mastermoves Berlin