PA SPORTS- 150 Bars Infinity

An 8 minute music video in which the Previz seamlessly did the programming for the Bolt on set.

This project posed a distinctive challenge—an engaging 8-minute music video showcasing the artist in multiple outfits, multiplied with himself and interacting with real and CGI elements. The previsualization (Previz) took on a pivotal role, serving as both the creative communication and the final programming of the MRMC Bolt robot itself. In this unique workflow, data from Maya was seamlessly transferred to Flair, where it was used to generate a job file ready for direct implementation on the robot. This streamlined process was instrumental in meeting the demands of the tight shooting schedule while ensuring precision and synchronization with the artistic vision.

The Previz was meticulously crafted in Autodesk® Maya, utilizing the MRMC-simul8 plug-in, in close collaboration with the creative team. This collaborative approach ensured that the artistic vision aligned seamlessly with the technical requirements. An interesting note: Leeroy (Director and DoP) drew inspiration from the 2012 music video “Bushido – AMYF Intro,” specifically referencing the 3-head pose. Notably, I was involved in producing that video as a motion control operator at the time, adding a fascinating connection to this current project.

Motion Control/ Studio: Westside Studios F/M
Bolt Operator: Valentin Huwer