Try 3 different dogs to resist panic made by a Milo…

Samsung Premium UHDTV Commercial shoot in Vilnius / Lithuania

Spring 2018

The idea: A floor in a skyscraper in some big city. Two apartments next to each other, the same size but different furnishings. In both apartments, the residents are watching TV, of course, on different TVs … The camera moves centrally to the window front, and we see that things start going on differently. The camera splits and now moves from the central perspective simultaneously and mirrored into both rooms, while the story is told on. Both images are combined in a split screen, creating a kaleidoscope effect. A very difficult shot, where extensive 3D planning was necessary and helpful. Even here it became clear that you can not do those without a zoom lens. However, due to the precision of @markrobertsmotioncontrol machines (Milo Medium Arm) and the MoCo Software Flair it´s basically no problem to work with zoom in multiple shots, as they, like all other motion-control- driven axes, do act 100% identically repeated.

Brand: Samsung/ Agency: Cheil/ Production: smuggler London/ Service Production Lihuania: Nordic Productions/ Director: styleWar/ Martin Sjöström, Nico Knudsen/ DOP: Gösta Reiland/ Motion Control Rental: mastermoves Berlin Motion Control Rig: @markrobertsmotioncontrol Milo Medium Arm/ Motion Control Superviz, MoCo 3D Prep + Preshoot- Tests/ Operating on Set: maschinenfilm/ makingOf: maschinenfilm