BWT Perla TV Sport

Shooting of a Commercial for BWT in Vienna with Milo Long Arm

Spring 2018

The idea: Dead straight, fast camera moves in front of a sliced house from one room to another, vertically and horizontally (dollhouse effect). The stage was only one room of course, the art work was made in CG completely. Of course, all the moves had to fit together to be cut seamlessly.
The technical requirements were not rocket science, yet a precise preparation of the shoot in 3D was very handy. A “catwalk” had to be built for the Milo, which exploited the reach of the Long Arm up and down. Therefore, the rig, the catwalk, the stage and the whole studio (because logistical problems had to be considered as well) were prepared in Maya and adjusted with a view through the 3D camera. On the basis of the Maya scene, the entire internals were then implemented in the studio and the logistics for the construction organized. Of course, then the shoot itself ran as prevized as well…

client: BWT/ production: Mediaapparat Vienna/ Director: Mike Kren/ DOP Heidi Zimmermann+ Paulo de Biasi/ Motion Control Rig Milo Long Arm by mastermoves Berlin/ MoCo Supervision, 3D Prep, Operation on Set: maschinenfilm