General Elektriks “Different Blue”

a really true multilayer- shot…

Fall 2017

This is an older one, but we very like the clip, the Band, the Director…

The video was shot as a 3- minutes- one- shot- sequence and illustrates a classic use of multilayer- shooting, where the heroes get multiplied and act with themselves. The video benefits especially from its elaborated timing but also the integration of the cool location (Arena Berlin Treptow) into the performance. We shot more than 40 layers to compose, based on a very detailed previz made by Arno Salters and Postproduction guys from mathematic Paris, who had to croche together all those afterwards. We were very happy to get invited to work with Arno, who did some awesome work before and stands for very sophisticated, almost handcrafted and in- camera- aesthetics.

Iconoclast 2017/ Director Arno Salters/ DOP Cezary Zacharewicz/ Post Production: mathematic Paris
Motion Control Rig: @markrobertsmotioncontrol Milo Medium Arm/ Rental: mastermoves Berlin/ Consulting+ Operating on Set: maschinenfilm