CG Transfer includes importing/ exporting CG data of moving cameras into motion control software Flair and vice versa.

In case there is an animated or matchmoved camera path in CG which is intended to get shot with a MoCo rig, some adjustments might be needed to fit the move into the physical limits of the choosen rig. This piece of work is commonly called solving and I´m using both Maya and Flair offline in a combination for executing that.

To do CG Transfer in a proper and responsible manner, there is an experienced measuring of the set and precise calibration of the whole machine, the camera and the lens required.

Please note two things:

1.) There is a popular error about using a robot in the same way as a 3D camera since both are driven and monitored by a lot of numbers in a computer software. But a real camera always lives in real physics depending speed, acceleration and imagery, so there are several limits compared to 3D and you should plan to check those out before finalizing a shot.

2.)  An exported fbx out of Flair is always a path of an ideal camera without any physical behavior- it´s just the numbers of a move. But you may have some in your real filmed footage, little bumps or shakes caused by a high speed or quick change of direction, or lens physics that affect your image. So it´s always a good idea to plan tracking passes to shoot, so you can go for matchmoving the shot afterwards. Thanks god nothing is simpler than those with a Motion Control rig.


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