Consulting means to give clients a basic orientation to decide for suitable machinery and to calculate what technical effort is needed for the idea they want to achieve. While an owner of machines primarily wants to bring those into a job, me as a freelancer can provide some more freedom when suggesting rigs. It´s very needed to know there are every time any pro´s and con´s to consider when choosing a motion control rig, and in case there is a rental who owns just one machine, the client may get forced to use that one for his particular needs. This might be the wrong one you´d realize on set. So it´s a good idea to clarify about what is the best choice for the shot you want and, after that, to check about the budget limits and so on. As a common hint in general I want to mention there are always three basic needs in game: Speed, stiffness and mobility (means a smaller rig and an almost more affordable pricing). Please note you can never get all of those at once.


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